Syg hund eller syg kat

Om årsagen til svigtende helbred hos hund og kat

What we want to achieve

We love animals – well and healthy animals. We ourselves do not want to have ill pets nor pets not doing well.  We wish the same for others.

We have spent lots of energy on searching for information about cancer for humans in an effort to find out why it seems to be so difficult to get rid of the terrifying and serious illness. Within the frame of that work we encountered a group in the US by the name The Truth About Cancer, which we saw had already done quite a lot of work for us.

What they did was to search for, visit and interview more than 60 conventional doctors, who later in their careers had educated themselves into natural ways to handle cancer, because they found the outcome of the conventional based methods not satisfactory. Those interviews along with 70 other experienced and knowledgable people in the field of natural health with focus on especially cancer has led to an extraordinary selective informative series of videos. We want to contribute to giving highest possible number of people the opportunity to see these interviews.

As The Truth About Cancer has had great success getting lots of people to see the more than 130 interviews or excerpts thereof, they decided to make a new series of interviews – but now with vets and others knowledgably and experienced in handling cancer in pets in nonconventional ways. Many of the people having seen the videos on human cancer started to ask for data about their pets. Due to this the Truth About Cancer group has made a new series of documentaries about pets.

We decided making this website to contribute to having as many as possible gaining the knowledge for health, wellbeing and length of life of their pets for their owners happiness in life.